The Advantages of Renting Office Space

Posted December 21, 2023
In the modern era, many professionals have embraced working remotely from the comfort of their homes. While working from home has its perks, a private office space for rent offers distinct advantages that can significantly enhance productivity and professional growth. Read on to explore three compelling reasons renting office space can be more beneficial than working from home. Minimizing Distractions Dealing with constant distractions can present a major challenge while working from home. These range from household chores and family interruptions to the temptation of lounging on the couch or tuning into your latest favorite streaming series. Such diversions can fragment your focus, leading to decreased productivity and a blurring of the line …

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How to Find the Best Commercial Property for Your Business

Posted July 17, 2023
Commercial property is one of the most valuable assets for any business. Owning or leasing commercial property provides significant advantages like tax benefits, equity, stability, and brand establishment. You want a space to help you achieve your key business goals now and in the future. There are many factors to consider when shopping for commercial real estate for sale or office spaces to buy or rent, such as location, size, layout, amenities, budget, and growth potential. The requirements will vary depending on your specific business and industry. With in-depth research and professional guidance, you can find a commercial property that aligns with your vision and sets your business up for long-term success. The …

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Leasing Office Space: 7 Questions to Ask Before Signing

Posted December 21, 2022
Finding and leasing office space can be a daunting and time-consuming task for businesses, particularly startups and small businesses with a limited budget. For that reason, it is invaluable to find an expert in the field like L.B. Andersen to make this process as easy and seamless as possible! As an entrepreneur, you need a trusted commercial real estate company to navigate the ins and outs of renting commercial space. We will help you avoid potential mistakes that can lead to consequences that may negatively affect your business. The process of leasing office space can be seamless, especially with a trusted partner like L.B. Andersen. Our agents can help you to review …

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Benefits of Having an Office Space

Posted August 25, 2022
An office space is critical for your business because it gives your company a unique identity. It provides opportunities to create a reliable organizational culture while retaining good talent. A physical office space ensures employees' collaboration, communication, and innovation, increasing productivity while improving the business's bottom line. An office is an integral part of your work environment because it positively impacts your team's efficiency, productivity, culture, collaboration, and wellbeing. Here are a few benefits of renting office space. An Office Space is a Central Business HubAlthough you can find a commercial property for rent in your local area, follow a step-by-step approach and hire a professional commercial real estate company. The reason …

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Moving to the Suburbs: The Urban Exodus

Posted May 13, 2021
Now, more than ever, people are leaving their condos and apartments in the city and opting for larger suburban homes with more room. With families spending more time at home remote working or learning, people certainly feel the effects of living in small urban spaces. Discovering more living space to do work, school, and find solitude is near impossible in apartments and condos. Therefore, families are packing their belongings and moving to the suburbs.How does this impact your hunt for commercial real estate?Millennials care deeply about a healthy work-life balance. Since many people are moving away from cities, businesses could benefit greatly from following the trend and moving with them. …

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Pandemic Impact on Commercial Real Estate

Posted February 23, 2021
It’s no surprise the impact this pandemic has made on many industries throughout 2020. The Commercial Real Estate market was no exception. We had restaurants shutting down, shops moving out of their retail space, and office workers abandoning their office spaces to work remotely. Needless to say, these were and still are challenging times. Everyone hoped to put 2020 in the past and get back to some normalcy in 2021. Unfortunately, we aren’t quite there yet. Here are some trends we saw in 2020 and where we see 2021 going. Hospitality & Travel DifficultiesThe hospitality industry arguably got hit the hardest throughout 2020 and will continue to endure many hardships with …

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Feeling Safe at Work During a Pandemic

Posted August 31, 2020
Since many workers are now back at the office, staying and feeling safe at work are top priorities for every business. The possibility of becoming exposed to COVID-19 probably makes all of us feel on edge. However, there are many steps you can take to ensure you stay healthy along with the others around you. Even if your business is in a small office building, or has plenty of open work space, there are always solutions to stay safe.Staying Covered as Much as You CanJust like a seatbelt, a mask only works if you wear it. We’re not saying that you have to be “masked” your entire work day, but …

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How Office Space Needs Will Change in the Future

Posted May 6, 2020
Most people will be returning to an office space soon, after working remotely for months.  For many employees, heading back to a familiar office environment will be a welcome change; however, businesses will need to re-evaluate their old lease office space to accommodate their employees and new social distancing culture. Space Requirements Many offices have embraced the collaborative open work space environment that became popular over the past few years. This office environment fueled creativity and allowed for people to easily share ideas with their peers. Now, this practice will need to be re-evaluated with consideration given to moving desks at least 6 feet apart, adding taller dividers to work stations, and …

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How to Pick Your Dream Office Space

Posted February 5, 2020
Picking out an office building for lease can be a very stressful job. However, as you and your employee’s day to day work environment, the right affordable office space for lease is important. This space is where your staff will be spending most of their time, so make it worth it. Check out your local affordable office spaces for lease and start thinking about the future of your business today! Below are some things to consider when looking for an office space available. Location Location is a huge factor when looking for your new office space. This will help determine your target market and potentially how well your business …

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Create a Fun Office Environment for Your Co-Workers

Posted November 5, 2019
If you own a business, renting affordable office space is a great perk. Another perk is improving the work environment for the holiday season. Get started with these tips! Encouragement for Co-Workers Everyone loves a little holiday joy, so don’t just celebrate at home, celebrate at work as well! Encouraging your employees and / or co-workers to celebrate with an employee Christmas party may also encourage them to work harder. Build traditions to get people to look forward to certain work events / days, this will help promote team building as well as productivity. These special days can help people take their mind off of their crazy work load, release some stress, …

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