Workplace Wellness - Times Are Changing & So Are Office Environments

Posted August 13, 2019
Suitable office environments reassure employees to be comfortable and productive in their workplace. The look and feel of office space constantly adapt to new trends which allow for an overall healthier and successful workplace environment. Office space trends are currently catering toward millennial workers and what contributes to their productivity. These developments focus on overall wellness of the workplace and what team members think motivates them to be more productive in the office. Even subtle or small changes in the office can make the world of a difference in the success of your business. These modern-day office space adaptations include how seating and department spaces where people interact with one another are …

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Think Before You Lease

Posted May 10, 2019
Leasing the right office space is important for your employees, your customers and your overall business. There are many items for you to consider when shopping for office spaces. L.B. Andersen & Co., Inc. has a wide variety of office spaces across the Chicagoland available for your business to rent. First Things FirstBefore delving into your search, it is crucial to know what you are looking for. Be sure to keep your employees and clients in mind. Get down to the basics, focus on the must haves such as square footage, location, lease duration and any other must haves for your business. Think About the Bigger PictureWhen narrowing down your …

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What to Look for in Industrial Space

Posted February 8, 2019
Business is booming and your company needs more space. You know that it is time to move into a commercial space, but considering all the elements of shopping for a lease property can get confusing. Finding the perfect industrial space for your business is essential, so use these three important qualities to help you find the best lease property for your company’s unique needs. HVAC Regardless of the type of business you’re in, an HVAC system in your commercial property is going to be crucial. Heating in the winter and cooling in the summer will be essential to keeping your employees comfortable and safe. If you work with large mechanical equipment, heating …

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Qualities of a Good Property Management Company

Posted November 12, 2018
If you’re searching for a professional property management company, there are certain levels of expectations that must be met. A property manager must be adaptable to meet the different needs of both residential and commercial properties. When looking for a property management company for your residential or commercial spaces, consider these qualities to ensure that you have the right person for the job. 1. Professionalism The most important quality that your property manager must possess is professionalism, everything else will follow suit. Property management requires individuals who know how to respectfully get along with residents and ensure that their thoughts, feelings, and wishes are seen to. They must also be able to …

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Benefits of Opening a Store Front

Posted August 15, 2018
Although, online shopping is in high demand; store fronts continue to prevail in their own way. Maintaining a retail space can be a long process that requires continuous hard work, but the benefits of a store front are abundant. Here are few reasons why you should consider opening your own retail space. Brand Exposure There are always positive reasons to be cost effective with your money, no matter what the case is. Why not lease a retail space for your office and do just that?  Exposure of your brand is vital in the success of your business. A store front grants a personalized display of the essence of your company and what it …

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Benefits of Leasing Retail Space

Posted May 3, 2018
When attempting to decide whether you should lease or purchase a retail space, you need to weigh your options. If you hope to make changes to your office space in the future, then here are few reasons why you should consider leasing a retail space. Financial Advantages of Leasing  There are always positive reasons to be cost effective with your money, no matter what the case is. Why not lease a retail space for your office and do just that? No Down Payment When leasing an office space in a commercial area, you are essentially skipping out on a hefty down payment. This is step one of starting your business with savings in mind. …

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Benefits of Renting Office Space Instead of Working from Home

Posted February 5, 2018
When it comes to renting an individual office space or working from home, there are a variety of factors that can sway your decision. If you have a job where you work from home consider these benefits of getting a small office space instead. Distractions Working remotely comes with a variety of distractions that could contribute to a lack of productivity and may cost you time and money in the long run. Whether you live in the Chicago suburbs and have young children or you live in a high rise building of downtown Chicago with paper thin walls and chatty neighbors, the simple fact is that when you work from home, …

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Creating a Professional Storefront

Posted November 1, 2017
Having a professional storefront can make your business look more appealing and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Customers live a very busy life and one way to capture their attention and get them through your door, is by having an appealing storefront. Storeowners have the ability to promote their company by displaying a storefront that represents their business. These tips can help you decide how to decorate your storefront and get passing customers in from the sidewalk through your doors. Window Graphics Window graphics are a great option for businesses because it gives multiple options for design. The storeowner can add letters, designs, and shapes to create …

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Decorating Your Personal Office Space

Posted August 3, 2017
You spend a lot of your day at work. Your cubicle, desk, or office is your home away from home. Since you spend so much time there, it’s important to create a warm environment that will help keep you focused, motivated, and happy. Now that your company has found the perfect office space for you and your coworkers, it’s time to personalize your work zone.For starters, before decorating, make sure you understand the company policies for decorating your personal work space. A little DIY office décor can help you create a cute cubicle, but be sure it’s allowed! Take a look at your coworker’s work space to get an idea …

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Starting a Business in Illinois

Posted May 1, 2017
Chicago, Illinois is a prime hub for anyone looking to start a business. In this marvelous city, businesses have access to a wide variety of consumers, locations, and partners to make owning a business a success.One aspect of Chicago that makes it a perfect location to start a business is that it has affordable rental spaces. Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States yet rent is not as ridiculously priced as it is in other cities such as San Francisco or New York. The Chicagoland area also has a wide variety of transportation options. With a well-planned highway and expressway system, intricate railway system, and two large …

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