Benefits of Leasing Retail Space

When attempting to decide whether you should lease or purchase a retail space, you need to weigh your options. If you hope to make changes to your office space in the future, then here are few reasons why you should consider leasing a retail space. 

Financial Advantages of Leasing 

There are always positive reasons to be cost effective with your money, no matter what the case is. Why not lease a retail space for your office and do just that? 

No Down Payment

When leasing an office space in a commercial area, you are essentially skipping out on a hefty down payment. This is step one of starting your business with savings in mind. How you ask? Most lease properties only require that you put down a security deposit opposed to a required down payment to finance a purchase of office space. Thus, aiding you in having a positive spending income for retail space. 

Tax Deduction Made Easy

We need to consider the difficulties that come along with tax deduction. Tax deduction can be a long and gruesome process for most of us. You can ease your pain with leasing a retail space. Lease payments are categorized as business expenses that will eventually lower your tax payments. This can be another cost-effective way to run your comfortable office space comfortably.

No Maintenance, No Hassle

When purchasing an office space, you need to prepare for the maintenance costs that will pile up very quickly. No one wants to spend their precious time repairing rather than actually working! Consider leasing a retail space to avoid this issue. Depending on lease terms, most office spaces release you from expensing your time and money on building maintenance. 

Flexibility with Your Lease 

Change Is Okay

If you like to change your mind often, then leasing a retail space is the way to go. Generally, lease contracts last anywhere between 3 to 10 years. Most of these agreements allow you to expand your office space or move locations much more easily than purchasing a retail space for sale. 


Purchasing retail space can leave you stressing about the amount of limited options you have. When considering leasing an office space, the options are endless. With this you can filter your lease choices with your personal needs and style. This way you can be comfortable with your retail space and not have to worry about issues that may present themselves along the way.

Are you ready to find a space that will suit your needs? Check out our website for the retail spaces that we have available for lease in your area. Contact L.B. Andersen today!

Posted on 5/3/2018

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