Benefits of Renting Office Space Instead of Working from Home

When it comes to renting an individual office space or working from home, there are a variety of factors that can sway your decision. If you have a job where you work from home consider these benefits of getting a small office space instead.


Working remotely comes with a variety of distractions that could contribute to a lack of productivity and may cost you time and money in the long run. Whether you live in the Chicago suburbs and have young children or you live in a high rise building of downtown Chicago with paper thin walls and chatty neighbors, the simple fact is that when you work from home, other people are bound to be a distraction. Another distraction that may arise from working at home is that you may not have your own individual office space so you can be prone to setting up work in a common room possibly with a television.

When you rent a single office instead of working from home, you can avoid these distractions all together. Having your own personal, small office space to go to will help you to focus on your work. This will allow you to get down to business so that you can get more work done in less time because you won’t be distracted by disturbances at home.

Heating and Cooling

Another benefit of renting a single office instead of working from home is that it can save you on heating and cooling. Many people who own homes in the suburbs of Chicago turn their furnace down or air conditioning up during the day when they are away at work to cut heating and cooling costs. When working from home, you are likely to turn the heating or cooling up during the day for comfort, which increases your energy bill. Instead, renting an individual office space often comes with its own central heating and cooling as part of your rent so that you can keep your home’s heating and cooling unit turned down during the day.

Ready to stop working from home and find your own small office space for rent? View the single office spaces L.B. Andersen has available to rent online and you could be eligible to get your first month’s rent free. Contact us today!

Posted on 2/5/2018

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