Creating a Professional Storefront

Having a professional storefront can make your business look more appealing and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Customers live a very busy life and one way to capture their attention and get them through your door, is by having an appealing storefront. Storeowners have the ability to promote their company by displaying a storefront that represents their business. These tips can help you decide how to decorate your storefront and get passing customers in from the sidewalk through your doors.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great option for businesses because it gives multiple options for design. The storeowner can add letters, designs, and shapes to create the look they want. A major benefit of window graphics is that they can easily be changed and updated to fit with rotational promotions. Overall, window graphics are a great option that can add visual interest to your store’s windows for a low cost.


Awnings are another option a storeowner has when looking to make their building more appealing. A benefit of an awning is that they are noticeable to people when they pass by. Storeowners have the opportunity to promote their store name or logo for all to see with custom awnings that match company colors. Lastly, awnings are excellent for providing shade and stores with a small seating area outside should consider this option.

Illuminated Sign Boxes

Illuminated sign boxes give storeowners the ability to update their sign design more frequently. The biggest benefit that these signs have are the attention they receive in the later hours. These signs have the ability to light up the side of a street, making it impossible for passersby to not notice. If you have a store that’s not right on the street this is an excellent option to get more attention to your business, especially as the sun goes down.

Push Thru Letter Signs

Push thru letter signs are commonly used by stores because they are simple and easy to read. They look professional and are appealing to the eye from far distances. These signs are a great way to get attention and attract customers into your business. Popular companies, such as Walmart and target use these signs to get their customers attention.

Seasonal Decorations

The last option to embellish your storefront with is seasonal decorations. This option can bring your store to life year round for a small cost. In the winter season hanging Christmas lights can light up your store and make it look more festive. Likewise, in the fall months you can put Halloween decorations in the window to make it stand out from nearby stores. This option allows the storeowner to get creative and gain attention for a small price.

Excited to make your storefront look as professional and appealing as possible? It all begins with finding the building that fits your business best. Let LB Andersen help you find the ideal rental space for your business today!

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