How Office Space Needs Will Change in the Future

Most people will be returning to an office space soon, after working remotely for months.  For many employees, heading back to a familiar office environment will be a welcome change; however, businesses will need to re-evaluate their old lease office space to accommodate their employees and new social distancing culture.

Space Requirements

Many offices have embraced the collaborative open work space environment that became popular over the past few years. This office environment fueled creativity and allowed for people to easily share ideas with their peers. Now, this practice will need to be re-evaluated with consideration given to moving desks at least 6 feet apart, adding taller dividers to work stations, and requiring larger conference rooms with less seating. When re-evaluating your office environment, consider future needs for your business as well. If your business is growing, make sure you have enough storage space and room to accommodate new employees in the future.

Re-evaluate Your Current Office Space

Make sure that your current office space will continue to meet your business and employee needs.  If you are currently in a cramped lease office space, now is the time to look for a larger, more flexible office space.  On the flipside, many businesses have adapted to having staff work remotely, and implementing rotating work-from-home schedules for employees may lessen the need for an office with as much square footage as you are currently using. Only pay for the space you need! Lease office space that is flexible for your needs, not only today, but in the future. Finding a flexible office space for your business is key!

If you are looking for help finding a new, more flexible office space, contact L.B. Andersen today. Give us a call at 847-381-9080 and we will take care of all your office space needs.

Posted on 5/6/2020

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