Qualities of a Good Property Management Company

If you’re searching for a professional property management company, there are certain levels of expectations that must be met. A property manager must be adaptable to meet the different needs of both residential and commercial properties. When looking for a property management company for your residential or commercial spaces, consider these qualities to ensure that you have the right person for the job.

1. Professionalism

The most important quality that your property manager must possess is professionalism, everything else will follow suit. Property management requires individuals who know how to respectfully get along with residents and ensure that their thoughts, feelings, and wishes are seen to. They must also be able to work professionally with other resources like construction and utilities to ensure the property is maintained.

2. Responsiveness

Next to professionalism, a property manager must also be responsive. This characteristic will keep your tenants happy with the services your company provides. If an issue arises, your property management company should be available to address and resolve those issues as soon as possible.

3. Patience

Going hand in hand with professionalism, property management companies must also be patient when problems persist and there isn’t a simple, immediate fix. Being patient with residents as well is essential to keep difficult situations from escalating and potentially losing that tenant. When a property manager is able to handle complaints with patience, they reflect well on the buildings they are supporting.

4. Accountability

When your property management company possesses the quality of accountability, you can trust that they will be reliable and put forth the necessary efforts to diminish problems. Additionally, if tenants are not happy with the way things currently are, the property manager will be able to take the feedback constructively and learn to provide better customer service.

5. Communication Skills

Poor communication skills translate to poor customer service. Your property manager needs to be able to effectively discuss and explain different situations with both your tenants and other employees of your company to complete a job. At any point in time, the property manager should be able to update you and your tenants with events that have taken place and what they have done to resolve or fix them. Communication skills work alongside professionalism and accountability to keep everyone involved happy.

6. Organization

If you lease out many units to many tenants, you need a property management company that is organized and attentive to detail. The property manager must be aware of a variety of different leases and circumstances present within your residential and commercial properties. They must also be able to complete tasks in a timely manner and use the tools and skills that they have effectively.

These qualities of a good property manager are a necessity for the maintenance of your residential and commercial properties. L.B. Andersen is a trusted property management company located in the Chicago suburbs. These qualities are our priority and we bring them to every aspect of our business. Contact us today to learn more about the properties we lease and manage in your area!

Posted on 11/12/2018

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