What to Look for in Industrial Space

Business is booming and your company needs more space. You know that it is time to move into a commercial space, but considering all the elements of shopping for a lease property can get confusing. Finding the perfect industrial space for your business is essential, so use these three important qualities to help you find the best lease property for your company’s unique needs.


Regardless of the type of business you’re in, an HVAC system in your commercial property is going to be crucial. Heating in the winter and cooling in the summer will be essential to keeping your employees comfortable and safe. If you work with large mechanical equipment, heating and cooling in these various climates will also be important to their functioning. Additionally, proper ventilation of the industrial space will prevent harmful fumes from retaining in your space and improve the overall air quality within your lease property. When looking for an industrial space to lease for your business, make sure to consider whether the property has a fully functional HVAC system or if the property management company will install one for you.


Considering the construction and layout of a potential commercial space to lease for your business is also going to be important to the effectiveness of the new space for your business. Tall ceilings may be essential to contain tall equipment or provide greater space for air ventilation. Heavy mechanical equipment will also need to be considered within the industrial space as floor loads can only handle certain weights. When consulting with the commercial space’s property management company, be sure to discuss what kind of floor loads the space can withstand. Lastly, the door and column spacing within the unit will need to be addressed. Can your business function with the current layout of the industrial space? Can mechanical equipment be easily moved into and out of doors and navigated around structurally supporting columns? If yes, you have probably found the perfect commercial space for your business.

Electrical Capacity

One final element to consider when looking to lease industrial space is the electrical capacity. If your business requires the use of a lot of power, consider the availability of electrical outlets and how much power the space can provide. The perfect commercial space to lease for your business will ensure a large electrical capacity so that power outages will never be an issue.

When looking to lease a new industrial space for your business, considering the HVAC, construction, and electrical capacity of the property will help to determine whether it is the right fit for you. L.B. Andersen has several industrial properties available throughout the Chicagoland area that provide these accommodations. Contact us today to schedule a tour and find your perfect industrial space for lease.

Posted on 2/8/2019

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